Installation IPTV Smart TV

Installation IPTV Smart TV


Smart televisions have some good application options available for download that allow you to access our content. IPTV SMARTERS is another one of these applications and in this tutorial, we will teach you how to use the application on your TV.

First of all, to start the configuration itself, you need to download IPTV SMARTERS on your device.

This application is available for download in the television application store.

First access to IPTV SMARTERS and configuration

After installing IPTV SMARTERS, you can now open the application and wait until it loads a new screen, so that you can fill in the login fields with your access data.

This way, the data you will use to access the application is the same as the one we sent you in the test email and which is also available in your client area.

Then, you will fill in these fields with your login information, along with the password and the specific URL: http://URL:80/.

After you fill in all the fields with your data, click on “ADD USER” and wait for your list to load.

Check out the step by step in the images below

Once you complete the steps above, wait a few minutes for the content contained in your URL to load.

This will make your experience even more enjoyable when watching.

Therefore, when all the content is loaded, you can start watching your favorite channels, series or movies.

Still have doubts? Send an email to our official support channel:

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