Comment configurer IPTV dans TiviMate

Comment configurer IPTV dans TiviMate

How to configure IPTV in TiviMate

Once the installation of the application is completed, we can open the application and authorize the use of an IPTV service.

NOTE: Initializing  an IPTV service in TiviMate requires an M3U URL. This can usually be found in your IPTV service’s welcome email or by contacting customer support.

IMPORTANT NOTE  : We have found that setting up in TiviMate will not work if your VPN is enabled. Make sure to disable your VPN before integrating your IPTV service into this app.

Follow the steps below to integrate IPTV service into TiviMate:

1.  Open the TiviMate app and click Add Playlist

2.  Click Enter URL

3.  Enter the M3U URL provided by your IPTV service with your account information inserted.

Example M3U LINKS from the IPTV service

you can use the service  and shorten the URL so that it is easier to type in the box below. That’s what we did.

If you do not want to use, you must ensure that the address is entered in the error-free box. One wrong character in the address and it won’t work.

4.  Click Next.

5.  Wait for the channels to insert.

6.  You will then see the message Playlist is being processed with the number of channels and the name of your playlist. Click Next.

9.  Click Done.

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